About Us

Diosza was first talked about towards the end of 2020 the beginning of 2021.

The idea of Diosza began when my second child came into this world, And my first child was old enough to catch on to things.

How am i supost to teach my children to self-love if I my self lacked in that department? I wasnt going to allow my children to let society make them believe they arent good enough! The same way i allowed it to make me feel worthless and ugly.

And so I began my Self-love journey, it was dificult to unlearn bad habits that brought me here in the first place.

Once i discovered Self-love my self-confidence kicked in and i couldnt believe that after 27 years i finaly learned to love myself!

My only regret? Is letting all these years pass by not loving myself. I want to spread the word and make sure noone else lets years go by the same way i did.

This is where DIOSZA comes in! I want to make sure self-love is present in everybody. There is no better way to self-love than to self-care (With Natural Ingredients)

We arent just a start up brand we are a movement And together we are DIOSZA!